Wisdom of the Womb

Awaken your soul to the wisdom of the Divine Feminine
as she is fully embodied within Africa's landscapes.
Allow yourself to be nurtured by the wisdom of the
womb and reconnect to the sacred origins of life.


Wisdom of the Womb is designed to awaken your soul to the wisdom of the Divine Feminine as she is fully embodied within Africa’s landscapes. Choose a shorter on-site retreat or a longer pilgrimage across Kenya. You will have the opportunity to listen deeply to her wisdom, as you allow yourself to be nurtured once again by the wisdom of the womb and reconnect to the sacred origins of life itself. You will start your journey at Echoes of Eden along the banks of the Malewa River in central Kenya where sacred space is intentionally cultivated. You will experience deep peace as beauty and Divine Love tend gently to your body, mind and soul. You will journey across ancient landscapes in a posture of receptivity to the wisdom and love of the Divine Mother.

Using Eden as a metaphor for the Divine womb from which all life was born, I invite you to release yourself into the ancient love and wisdom of the Mother. In guided meditations, you will re-enter the Divine womb and allow the loving, nourishing presence of the Divine Mother to re-create you. You have always been umbilicaled to Love. Nothing can change that fundamental, joyful reality, but our lived experience is often one of loneliness and separation from Divine acceptance. Through guided meditations we will release our perceived control and allow ourselves to soak up the nourishment of the womb once again. Divine Feminine Love will remind us who we really are and all that we are meant to be in this world. As we experience rebirth, shedding what no longer serves us, we will re-enter our lives transformed.

In a world where we find ourselves bereft of the love and strength of the Divine Feminine, my hope is that we will be reminded of our true belonging and interconnectedness. My prayer is that the strength of Love you experience on this pilgrimage will cultivate in you a more compassionate way of being with yourself and in our hurting world.


Authentic Safaris: A journey to Africa would not be complete without heart-stopping encounters with extraordinary wildlife and meaningful cultural connections with those whose lands you visit.
Campfires and Evening Gatherings: Unwind under the starry sky warmed by a crackling fire. Share the day’s revelations and create lasting memories with kindred spirits.
Creative Soul Expression: All that we are and long for cannot be expressed merely in words. Allow your inner truth to speak through creative expression and discover what your soul wants to communicate.
Group Dream Work: Process the wisdom of your dreams as you deepen into the symbols and archetypes in a safe setting with a trained facilitator.
Guided meditations: Enjoy journeying inward with the invitation to listen deeply to the longings of your soul and hear the echo of the Divine’s longing for you.
Spiritual Companionship: In this session you will sit with a soul friend, whose role is to listen and walk with you in discovering the unique music of your soul that is sometimes hard to discern in our everyday lives.
Walks & hikes: Enjoy the wild landscapes at Echoes of Eden on foot. There are hikes for every level of difficulty and we can provide local guides.
Wildlife watching: Observe the colorful birds of Kenya, as well as zebra, antelope and fascinating flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Get up close and personal with diverse wildlife in their wilderness.