Creative Soul Expression

Allow your inner truth to speak
through creative expression and
discover what your soul wants to say.


Allowing our inner truth to speak through creative expression is a profound part of discovering who we really are and all that our soul wants to say to us. Join Miriam for 2 hours of creative expression to discover what your soul is saying to you. All that we are and long for cannot be expressed merely in words. Many times what is most important in our lives is not even known to us at the conscious level. Our soul’s inner wisdom knows far more than we realize. We have only to take the time to discover what is being revealed. Through various creative expression modalities we can listen more fully to what is trying to be heard from deep inside of us. This type of ‘art’ is not focused on creating an end product, but on using artistic expression to allow our soul’s wisdom to emerge in a way that we can then integrate more consciously. Using magazine cutouts and glue, you can create a collage of images that will have profound resonance in your life. One of my favorites is to us scraps of African fabric, already rich in symbols, to create a mandala that will speak deeply from your soul’s wisdom something you need to hear. Collecting various things from nature walks and turning them into a mixed media collage is another way to let your heart speak.