Listen deeply to the longings of your soul as you participate
in meditations, rituals, poetry, prayers, and creative expression.


Join me in my favorite, outdoor places for meditations, poetry, prayers, creative expression and rituals that will lead you to listen deeply to the longings of your soul. Choose from a variety of activities including guided meditations with ritual, a short listening pilgrimage across stunning landscapes, creative soul expression or contributing to the healing of the earth by planting an indigenous tree. Living here, I know how privileged I am to immerse myself in the beauty of land, sky and water. It is my desire to share the deep healing of this landscape with you to tend your body, mind and soul. 


Creative Soul Expression: All that we are and long for cannot be expressed merely in words. Allow your inner truth to speak through creative expression and discover what your soul wants to communicate.
Guided meditations: Enjoy journeying inward with the invitation to listen deeply to the longings of your soul and hear the echo of the Divine’s longing for you.
Walks & hikes: Enjoy the wild landscapes at Echoes of Eden on foot. There are hikes for every level of difficulty and we can provide local guides.
Wildlife watching: Observe the colorful birds of Kenya, as well as zebra, antelope and fascinating flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Get up close and personal with diverse wildlife in their wilderness.

These are just a few of the soulful activities available at Echoes of Eden. Whatever your interests may be, there are many unforgettable experiences to help you unwind in the beauty of nature.